Aria Madson

Devout Pastor's Daughter

Name: Aria Madson Player: Steph Goswitz
Template: True Believer Musts:
Power Level: Feet in the water
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 4
Fate Points: 7


High Concept:
Devout Deacon’s Daughter
Caught the Attention of the Hammers
Other Aspects
Angels Singing In My Ear
Father Simmons is Like My Father
Protect the Innocent
Compassionate Heart of a Saint
You Shouldn’t Be Doing That
Temporary Aspects


Physical O O O
Mental O O O O
Social O O O O


Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8 Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:

Name Cost Description
Cassandras Tears 0 Make precognitive predictions
Minus 2 to all attempts to make others believe your predictions
Bless This House 1 You Increase the strength of any threshold you are behind
Guide My Hand 1 Use Conviction instead of any other skill for one roll for a fate chip
You are guided to the right place at the right time.
Person of Conviction 1 Use Conviction instead of Presence for social stress capacity


Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Scholarship Empathy Lore Conviction
Driving Alertness Discipline Contacts
Endurance Rapport
Athletics Burglary Craftsmanship
Deceit Fists Guns
Intimidation Investigation Might
Performance Presence Resources
Stealth Survival Weapons

Your title here…

Background Phase: Aria grew up in San Fran in a religious household. Her father was a local pastor. She spent her weekends helping her father and mother at their church. At the age of 6 she claimed she was hearing angels. At first her parents were happy for her, thinking it was just a silly childish game until she started mentioning things that would actually happen. Soon after she predicted a fire at their church they sought professional help believing her to be the cause
[Angels Singing in My Ear]

Rising Conflict: When Aria was 13, and after many years and several anti psychotic drugs that were never fully effective, Aria’s parents committed her to Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital. She mostly kept to herself during these years, trying to ignore what the angels said. The only person she talked to was Father Simmons who would come to visit. Her angels told her she could trust him and Father Simmons would always listen to her and never judge her. At first he seemed not to believe her but the she told him the more he seemed to believe her. Father Simmons agreed to take her from the hospital when she finally turned 18 and was allowed to check herself out. Father Simmons offered her a place to stay and a job at the church. He would always listen to her and be an outlet for her.
[Father Simmons is Like My Father]

Faith and Lies
Original Story: When St. Patrick’s Church is vandalized, Aria tries to bring the reposisible party to justice. But will Aria succeed when Tasha Zorn accuses Aria herself of the vandalism?
Abby’s Role Abby directs Aria to a homeless man who saw the tagger
Klarissa’s Role Klarissa puts wards onto the church and tries to perform a divination to find the ones responsible.
[Protect the Innocent]

Story Title:
Mother’s Daughter
Original Story: When Klarissa finds a letter from her mother inside the Leabhar Draoidheachd, Klarissa goes to Lord Tython for information on her mother. But will Klarissa succeed when Lord Tython give her a task to complete before fulfilling her request??
Other Characters: Klarissa, Jonathan
My Role: Aria seeks out Klarissa to ask her to be watchful in her quest for she has been told that while Klarissa will shoot an arrow with white feathers from a bow through an open doorway and the stars will smile upon her when there is a blood spill in the darkest days
[You Shouldn’t Be Doing That]

Story Title:
Bad Blood
Original Story: When a string of violent assaults occur, Bjorn investigates. But will Bjorn succeed when it turns out the Red Court is behind it?
Other Characters: Bjorn, Eduardo
My Role: Aria pleads with Bjorn to no act rashly and to spare those who have done no wrong
[Compassionate Heart of a Saint]

Aria Madson

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