Beverly Carver

Politically Active Warden of San Francisco

Is Face of: Motivation:
Rifts Find Warlocks
White Court Protect People

Seal Rifts to the Nevernever




Person/Group Opinions Towards Them
Spring Court Possible cause of rifts and harbor of Warlock, but overall well meaning
Tytha Great Person
Lord Tython Pretty Typical Fae Lord
Felicity Pretty Typical Nymph
Winter Court Former Official Allies
Chesire More “friendly” than the average Malk
Summer Court Former Allies
Henry Brown Interesting Individual
Wyld Fae Probably causing the rifts
Boogeyman DO NOT ENGAGE!!!
Grogg Trollfather DO NOT ENGAGE!!!
Activists Plenty of them are my friends
Change Now None of them are my friends
Tasha Zorn I wish she would just stop
Cops Good people trying to do their job
Officer Davis Probably gonna find him dead or he is gonna find something
Hammers Could be good allies if they were crazy fanatics
John Strife Might as well be Son of Sam
Obsidian Order Bunch of wannabes and try hards trying to mess with things they shouldn’t
Richard Carver I don’t talk to Uncle Rich
Steven White The most unsettling one of the bunch
Warlocks Dangerous threats to EVERYONE
Gangs Some are just trying to get along, others are obviously profiting from chaos and need to be stood against
White Council Could use some modernization but if it’s not fully broke…
Beverly Carver I’m awesome
House Antema Monsters
Alexander Langstram Up to something but I don’t know what
House Malvora Monsters
Red Court Should have wiped them out
Javier Hernandez Growing too fast for my liking
Lady Mariana One of the larger the larger threats
Mayor Lee Spineless but that’s what you get with politicians
Father Simmons Decent ally during times or need
Al Cartwright Nice guy
Mama Jamie On of my closer mortal friends
Laurie Knight Closest friend in San Fran
Lelia Knight Should be doing more than tending bar

Beverly Carver

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