Eduardo "Ed" Juarez

Street Vigilante Out For Vengeance

Name: Eduardo “Ed” Juarez Player: Carl Farless
Template: Pure Mortal Musts: Not take Supernatural powers
Power Level: Feet in the water
Base Refresh: 6
Adjusted Refresh: 6
Fate Points: 6


High Concept:
Street Vigilante Out For Vengeance
Unstable and Erratic Reputation
Other Aspects
Hustler Raised by the Street
Talk is Cheap
I’ve Got My Crew
Plaga de los Rojos
I killed a Hammer of God
Temporary Aspects


Physical O O O O
Mental O O
Social O O O


Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8 Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:

Name Cost Description
Pure Mortal +2 Cannot have supernatural powers
Filthy Lucre -1 Plus 2 to Resources for Illicit Uses
I Know Just The Guy -1 Gather Info Rolls at plus 1 and takes less time


Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Alertness Contacts Endurance
Craftsmanship Deceit Intimidation
Driving Guns Resources
Athletics Burglary Conviction
Discipline Empathy Investigation
Lore Might Performance
Rapport Scholarship Stealth
Survival Weapons


Background Phase: Grew up a gang banger on the streets. He was raised catholic but still robbed people and sold drugs before dropping out of highschool. His father was killed in a drive-by and he got taken in by his aunt and uncle. Ed became an enforcer for Tres Muerte gang. Eventually his Aunt and Uncle would be killed by the Red Court vampires and he sought revenge
[Hustler raised by the streets]

Rising Conflict: Found support from Jorge Mendez, my uncle’s police partner and my friend and fight hand man Maximilian. Found a lead on who killed my parents from Jorge and Max and I took them out, gaining more territory for “los muertes”. Eventually I found myself pulling away from the gang as I continued to seek vengeance upon the things that had killed my family as I slowly worked my way up the coast of Cali
[Talk is Cheap]

Golden Gate Gangland
My Story: When Ed rolls into town and hears word of a group of “Rojos” setting up shop in the city of San Francisco, Ed gets his gear together to play Javier Hernandez a ;visit’. But will Ed succeed when he finds Javier’s people ready waiting for him with a threat against retaliation on the local streets is Ed doesn’t surrender?
Guests Name: Complicate a Situation, Solve a Complication or Solve and Complicate
Guests Name: Complicate a Situation, Solve a Complication or Solve and Complicate
[I’ve got my Crew]

Story Title:
Bad Blood
Original Story: When a string of violent assaults occur, Bjorn investigates. But will Bjorn succeed when it turns out the Red Court is behind it?
Other Characters: Bjorn, Aria
My Role: Ed pushes to punish thoseRed Bastards” to pay for their crimes
[Plaga de los Rojos]

Story Title:
Lost Love
Original Story: When Sean goes missing, Abby sets out to find him. But will Abby succeed when she finds he was taken by trolls?
Other Characters: Abby, Jonathan
My Role: Complicate a Situation, Solve a Complication or Solve and Complicate
[I killed a Hammer of God]

Eduardo "Ed" Juarez

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