Bjorn Haugen

Retired Were-grizzly Prism Marshall

Name: Bjorn Haugen Player: Galen
Template: Wereform (Bear) Musts: Beast Change
Power Level: Feet in the water
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 2
Fate Points: 2


High Concept:
Retired Were-grizzly Prism Marshall
I Just Can’t Walk Away
Other Aspects
I Protect my “Family”
Van Helsing’s Encyclopedia of Monster Hunting
Above the Law
Prizm Card
“Active Black Skull Operator”
Temporary Aspects


Human Armor: 0 Bear Physical Armor: 1
Physical O O O O Physical O O O O (O O)
Mental O O O Mental O O O
Social O O Social O O O


Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8 Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:

Name Cost Description
Beast Change: Bear -1 You take on the shape and appearance of a bear
You may shuffle around your skills
Echoes of the Beast -1 Plus one to Alertness and Investigation
Plus 1 to Might rolls made to lift or break objects
Instinctual understanding with bears
Inhuman Recovery -2 Able to recover from physical harm without medical treatment
Recover from physical consequences as if they were one level less severe
May skip a night of sleep with no ill effects
In combat, once per scene, may clear away a mild physical consequence as a supplemental action
Human Form +1 Powers below unavailable while you look human
Inhuman Strength -2 Plus 3 to lifting or breaking things with Might
Plus 1 to Might while grappling
Inflict a supplemental 2 stress hit during a grapple
When Might modifies a skill always gain plus 1
Plus 2 damage to attacks that depend on muscular force
Inhuman Toughness -2 Armor:1 against all physical stress
You have two additional boxes of physical stress
The Catch: Stone +2 Bypasses your Toughness/Recovery power
Anyone can reasonably acquire
Requires personal knowledge of Bjorn to assess


Human Form

Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Lore [] German
Athletics Conviction Alertness
Contacts Fists Endurance
Driving Weapons Guns
Investigation Intimidation
Burglary Craftsmanship Deceit
Discipline Empathy
Performance Presence
Rapport Resources Scholarship
Stealth Survival

Bear Form

Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Conviction Alertness Endurance Fists
Presence Athletics [] Might
Stealth Intimidation
Burglary Contacts Craftsmanship Deceit
Discipline Driving Empathy Guns
Investigation Lore Performance
Rapport Resources Scholarship Weapons
Background Phase: Had an an average nuclear family. When he was 18 he came home to find his family had been attacked and killed by by a crazed and newly turned red court vampire. All he remembers was the monster turning to attack him and he turned into a bear and killed the creature. When the cops arrived on the scene they took him away and questioned him. Some government agents showed up and took him away from the local authorities and he was tested and finally joined up with PRISM
[I Protect My “Family”]

Rising Conflict: Took to PRISM Bag and Tag work well. Hunted down “problems” for the company. Studied hard and mastered the methods of dealing with supernatural creatures. Made friends with plenty of agents from the organization. Retired when a job went bad and an creature of Darkness tore apart my partner
[Van Helisng’s Encyclopedia of Monster Hunting ]

Bad Blood
My Story: When a string of violent assaults occur, Bjorn investigates. But will Bjorn succeed when it turns out the Red Court is behind it?
Ed’s Role: Ed pushes to punish those “Red Bastards” to pay for their crimes
Aria’s Role Aria pleads with Bjorn to no act rashly and to spare those who have done no wrong
[Above the Law]

Story Title:
Missing Orphans
Original Story: When children at Edgewood Orphanage go missing, Jonathan goes looking for them. But will Jonathan succeed when his daddy, the Bogeyman forbids him from searching for them?
Other Characters: Jonathan, Abby
My Contribution: Abby and John come to me as the most visible Prism RED member, and they ask him vaguely if he can help them. Bjorn pleads his reitrement and gets up to leave. That’s when they tell him the Red Court kidnapped some orphans and a Den of them exist in the city, Bjorn just can’t walk away. Because he is retired but the R.E.D. is here for a reason
[R.E.D. (Retired Extremely Dangerous) ]

Story Title:
The New ‘PRIZM’ Deal
Original Story: Ed and Abby have made a deal with the “Devil we Know” PRIZM as R&D and B&T
Other Characters: Eduardo, Jonathan
My Contribution: “Now back on B&T as well as R&D ops and Bodyguard for the Research team as well as Ed’s Handler”

Bjorn Haugen

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