Jonathan Erebus Morbeus

Son of the Boogyman

Name: Jonathan Erebus Morbeus Player: Steven Broker
Template: Scion Musts: Mark of Power, Emotional Vampire
Power Level: Up to your waist
Base Refresh: 7
Adjusted Refresh: 1
Fate Points: 1


High Concept:
Son of the Boogyman
Call of the Mantle of the Boogyman
Other Aspects
Raised in Edgewood orphanage
Graduate of School of Hard Knocks
Defiant but Caring Heart
Letter of the Word
Its Red Court, why not!
Temporary Aspects


Physical O O O O O O
Mental O O O O
Social O O O O
Hunger O O O O


Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6
Extreme -8 Replace Permanent Aspect

Stunts & Powers:

Name Cost Description
Fear Vampire -1 May Feed by mental attack via touch using Intimidation on a target feeling fear.
Killing someone via feeding to heal
When around by pervasive or strong fear, Discipline test to avoid feeding
Feeding Dependency +1 You have a Hunger Stress Track,
Every scene, Hunger Attack=Cost of all powers used vs. Discipline
Marked by Power -1 +1 to all social rolls made to the magically aware
Often seen as a representative of your father
Human Form +1 Powers below unavailable while you look human.
Shadow Magic -4 Standard sponsored magic benefits
Shadow may be used as an element of Evocation
Shadow effects encourage terror, death, and darkness.
May be used to produce veils.
Supernatural Senses (Strange Senses) -1 Sense Fear – Can see, feel and “smell” a person or creatures “fear” or presence of it.
Inhuman Recovery -2 Total Recovery – You recover from physcial harm faster and can recover from any consequence with enough time (excluding extreme ones).
Fast Recovery – Physical consequences recover as if they were one level lower.
Vigorous - Endurance never restricts other skills due to lack of rest. You may skip a night of sleep without ill effects.
Shrug it off – In combat, once per scene, you may clear away a mild physical consequence as a supplemental action.
Inhuman Toughness -2 Hard to Hurt – You naturally have Armor: 1 against all physical stress.
Hard to Kill – you have 2 additional boxes of stress
Catch (Standard Fetch Weakness) +3 The standard Fae/Fetch weaknesses include:
Iron (which they call “the Bane”) burns them with its touch. This is more than simple discomfort—it is a poison, affecting both body and spirit.
Fae must speak the truth (though they can still deceive).
Their magic doesn’t tend to last long outside of their immediate presence.
plus the courage or general lack of fear in the victim may downgrade abilities.


Average Fair Good Great Superb
+1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Athletics Alertness Presence Conviction
Resources Deceit Endurance Discipline
Contacts Stealth Intimidation
Investigation Lore
Mediocre Skills
Craftsmanship Driving Empathy
Weapons Fists Guns
Lore Might Performance
Rapport Burgulary Scholarship
Survival Weapons


Background Phase: Raised by his mother (Natasha) before she died of unknown causes. Raised at Edgewood orphanage since no living relatives could be located. Was in and out of trouble with local law due to anger issues. Finally went to live with his father (Boogyman) to learn the family trade.
[Raised in Edgewood orphanage]

Rising Conflict: Learned that I was the son of the Boogyman, and dear old dad wanted me to learn the family trade, and he is a real jerk and has a major temper. Learned that I wasn’t exactly human, not sure what else I am. Also, learned that I must feed off of the fears of others, and boy do the movies, the airport, and taxi rides help with that. Spent some time in Juvenal detention during some of dads training, meet Father Simmons there, and he helped me realize that maybe there might be a more Humane way to live without losing myself, not sure if the crap he is saying is right or not, but better than dad’s crap.
[Graduate of School of Hard Knocks]

Story Title:
Missing Children
My Story: When children at Edgewood orphanage go missing, Jonathan goes looking for them. But will Jonathan succeed when dad forbids him from searching for them?
Bjorn’s Role: Bjorn tries to reject Johnathan’s plea for help but cannot refuse helping orphans
Abby’s Role: Abby provides Jonathan with a lead to a Red court den where the children are being held.
[Defiant but Caring Heart]

Story Title:
Mother’s Daughter
Other Characters: Klarissa, Aria
Original Story: When Klarissa finds a letter from her mother inside the Leabhar Draoidheahd, Klarissa goes to Lord Tython for information on her mother. But will Klarissa succeed when Lord Tython gives her a task to complete before fulfilling her request.
My Role: When Klarissa seeks out Jonathan for help with fulfilling Lord Tythons request, he helps her with his connections and fulfilling the request to the letter with minimal effort.
[Letter of the Word ]

Story Title:
Golden Gate Gangland
Other Characters: Eduardo, Bjorn
Original Story: When Ed rolls into town and hears word of a group of “Rojos” setting up shop in the city of San Francisco, Ed gets his gear together to play Javier Hernandez a ;visit’. But will Ed succeed when he finds Javier’s people ready waiting for him with a threat against retaliation on the local streets is Ed doesn’t surrender?
My Role: Complicate a Situation, Solve a Complication or Solve and Complicate
[ ]

Jonathan Erebus Morbeus

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