Local Gallery Owner & Agent of Spring Court

Is Face of: -Fae Invasion
-Spring Court
-Haight Gallery
Motivation: -Serve my Lord & Father
-Prove my worth
-Unify local Fae into a true Court


Person/Group Opinions Towards Them
Spring Court My first service it to them
Lord Tython My Father. He has my devotion
Winter Court The worst possible option if we fail
Chesire Conniving shiester that surely has something up his sleeve… and he doesn’t even have sleeves
Summer Court Could do worse but I’m not huge fans
Henry Brown Pushy Arrogant Brute more concerned with Summer than the needs of San Francisco
Wyld Fae Must unify them under my Lord
Grogg Trollfather Stubborn old troll who ass I must kiss to while he continues to refuse my Father’s generous offers
Activists Usually more trouble than the good they do
Change Now Bigger annoyance than most
Tasha Zorn Annoying patron to the gallery but she probably has her heart in the right place
Cops Desperately trying to do their jobs
Officer Davis Nice guy
Hammers Violent assholes and enemies
John Strife Scares me a little but I’d never let him know that
Obsidian Order Mostly creepy but some of them might be useful
Richard Carver Probably hiding something
Steven White Probably hiding something in the cemetery
Gangs Dangerous
White Council Allies of Summer and Winter, not sure can trust them
Beverly Carver She is probably an exception to the rest
Alexander Langstram He is up to something
Mayor Lee He is being manipulated by everything
Father Simmons Poor guy in over his head. At least he isn’t Strife
Mama Jamie Like the sister I never had
Laurie Knight Kinda cute, Good personality
Lelia Knight Not sure I like the looks she gives me


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