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San Francisco

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Countless Fae had made the city their home
A stronghold of far-left leaning activist and politicians with fervent beliefs
Someone tampering with the border between the city and the Nevernever
[Invaded by Fae]
[Emotions and Beliefs Run Deep]
[Tears in Reality]
Loyal Spring Knight & Gallery Owner
Father Simmons
Father of the Flock
Richard Carver
Highpriest & Public Spokesman of the Obsidian Order
Grogg Trollfather
Troll Patriarch
Tasha Zorn
Change Now Coordinator
Beverly Carver
San Fran Warden & Activist
Henry Brown
Summer's Summerwolf Emissary
Alex Langstram
Antema's Mayor Aide
Winter's Malk Emissary
John Strife
Hammer of God
Supernatural Status Quo
Mundane Status Quo
Spring is trying to claim territory for itself and gain power by playing summer and winter against one another. White Council is trying to get ahold of various problems and warlock who come into the area, thought they are understaffed and unable to root them all out. A small faction of young White Court Vampires from House Antema have banded together with members of House Malvora to manipulate the activists to fuel fear and hatred, and pull the strings of local politics. Activists are all around protesting for various national or international causes or against prospective bills and local initiatives they do not agree with.  Police are underfunded, understaffed, often protested, and have to deal with all sorts of crazy things that they cant understand and are unequipped the deal with. Local politicians try to appease activist voters and deal

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Golden Gate – External link
Fashionable neighborhoods, e.g., the Marina District, Cow Hollow, and Pacific Heights, with extensive views and historical landmarks — Fort Mason, The Presidio, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.
Fisherman's Wharf - External link
A touristy waterfront neighborhood which encompasses Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39, and the ferry launch to Alcatraz Island, as well as a plethora of seafood restaurants and souvenir stores.
Nob Hill-Russian Hill - External link
Two ritzy neighborhoods with upscale hotels, cable cars, panoramic views and steep inclines.
Chinatown-North Beach - External link
Two vibrant immigrant communities; the crowded and largest Chinatown outside of Asia next to the stylish laid back 'Little Italy', as well as Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower.
Union Square-Financial District - External link
Union Square is the center of shopping, theater and art in the city, next to the many skyscrapers of downtown and Market Street.
Civic Center-Tenderloin - External link
The neoclassical Civic Center next to the grit of the Tenderloin. While the 'Loin' is grittier compared to its ritzier neighbors downtown, there is still plenty of interesting architecture and attractions to see here.
SoMa (South of Market) –  External link
A rapidly changing neighborhood of downtown that is the center of a lot of new construction, including new skyscrapers, some of the city's newest museums, and AT&T Park, home of the San Francisco Giants.
Western Addition - External link
A historic neighborhood with many Victorian homes that was once a hotbed of African-American culture. Within the area is also Japantown, once the center of San Francisco's Japanese population, still populated with many Japanese stores and restaurants, and hotels that cater to Japanese travelers.
Haight - External link
Famous for being the home of the Hippie movement, this once bohemian area is still an eclectic treasure.
The Avenues - External link
Includes both the foggy Sunset and Richmond Districts, separated by the scenic and lush Golden Gate Park and bounded on the west by Ocean Beach.
Twin Peaks-Lake Merced - External link
Covering most of southwestern San Francisco, this area is home to many of the taller hills of San Francisco and the large Lake Merced park, which contains the San Francisco Zoo.
Castro-Noe Valley - External link
Colorful and cohesive, the Castro is historically known for being the cultural center of the city's LGBTQ community. Nearby Noe Valley offers excellent restaurants and shops along pleasantly walkable streets
Mission - External Link
This vibrant area is home to a large Hispanic community as well as new urban artisans, and is a center of San Francisco night life. For visitors wishing to get off the beaten tourist paths and catch some local flavor, this is the place to go.
Bernal Heights - External Link
A charming neighborhood atop a hill on the southern side of the city and a cultural center for San Francisco's lesbian community.
Southeast San Francisco - External Link
A mostly lower income residential area, this district contains several bay-side neighborhoods and many nice parks.